Ervy Makamu

Sales Representative

Ervy’s journey began in the trades, where he honed his skills as an electrician. However, his passion for real estate was never far behind, and he eventually decided to pursue a career in this dynamic field. Ervy finds great joy in helping his clients find their dream home, and this is the driving force behind his work.

In his interactions with clients, Ervy is guided by honesty and integrity. He approaches every transaction with an open mind, offering honest and objective advice. Clients quickly come to appreciate Ervy’s calm, cool, and collected approach to negotiation. He is always one step ahead, anticipating his clients’ needs and providing expert guidance.

The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and Ervy is committed to staying on the cutting edge of these changes. He is constantly seeking out new ways to improve his business practices and deliver exceptional service to his clients. For Ervy, the world of real estate is an exciting and dynamic one, and he is eager to help his clients navigate this ever-changing landscape.